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Influence of News Media

By yolandayang May 06, 2013 676 Words
Today’s news media consists of two main components: mass media and news. No matter if you like it or not, news media has become the mainly part in modern entertainment. People obtain information from books, Internet, TV and newspaper etc. Some people believe that news media is positive, but others disagree. As far as I am concerned, news media contributes much more than people can imagine.

According to the Manali Oak, in Buzzle website stated that the news media can bring the unhealthy lifestyle, because the people will see the advertisements of fast food everywhere but there were limited advertisements of the advantages of eating fresh food. Also she stated that sometimes, the news media could be overloaded, such as people always can watch or listen the rumors, scandals and gossips, so it may affect people lives. (

When it comes to the drawbacks, we can not deny is that there are some scenes which containing sex and violence are unsuitable for children to watch. It may cause mental problems for children. The fashion shows may make some people to spend more money or even waste money. On the other hand, fake information from news media misleads the general public in their daily routines such as changing their lifestyles without purpose and encouraging them to participate in some meaningless activities. However, this situation only appears in a few companies and most of the news is reliable which can provide useful information constantly. So news media have more benefits impacts on people obviously.

When talking about the positive side, there are several points which should be mentioned: firstly, media is one of the most efficient ways to spread information in modern society and people can get the latest information through news media. In other words, news media updates the information, not every day, but every minute or second. People get the newest news from all over the world. It has really contributed to the human lives. Secondly, from those news media; people can receive some suggestions from all kinds of specialists or professors, from whom people can benefit to make better choices about their present and future lives.

Furthermore, for kids, they do not get enough information about this society from their school or parents, but they can know more from the media and gain knowledge. For kids, it is a good way to broaden their horizons. Kids are always innocent and can not recognize the right and wrong, so it is better to let them get the awareness to protect themselves through the news media. There are always some TV programs related those kind of topics. Even for some adults, they also need to get this kind of awareness, such as, keeping far away form drugs and remembering some traffic rules. Also, kids learn new words from newspaper, TV and magazines, they increase their common sense by watching the quiz shows, they become more talent from talent shows and the cartoon make kids happy. In addition, the last and the most important point, it is the news media that establishes a platform, on which common people and experts get chance to communicate with each other, such as there were some websites that common people can ask questions and the only experts can answer. There also some TV shows which show the way common people can connect to those experts to get help from them. Without it, there will be always a gap between the decision makers and decision influencers.

To sum up, news media is not just a way to spread information in modern society, more important is they provide people with more choices in their daily lives and enable them to show their own viewpoints to the public in the information age. In other words, the news media has brought people from all over the world very closer. We have to take the positive aspects and use it for good purpose. The media and public should help to drive away the negative effects of the media

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