Influence of Mental Process on Organizational Decision Making

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Influence of Mental Process on Organizational Decision Making
Organizations make decisions every day. Some of these decisions will have a huge impact on the organization; well other decisions are relatively small on the scale in comparison. Regardless of the scale of these decisions, creative intelligence is influential in the decision-making process. In addition, there are also influences on the mental models and mindsets of individuals that have an impact on decisions in the decision-making process. From the business aspect, and also my own personal analysis of myself, the following will share how decisions are influenced because of creative intelligence and the mental models and mindsets of individuals. Four Styles of Creative Intelligence

Creative intelligence falls into four primary categories. These categories include intuitive, innovative, imaginative, and inspirational. Every person possesses some amount of intellect in each of these categories, however to what degree or strength differs with typically one of the categories being the primary style of creative intelligence for the individual. Intuitive

According to Rowe (2004), the intuitive style focuses on results and relies on past experience to guide actions (p. 3). In essence, people who are intuitive may not have concrete data to guide his or her decisions, but instead are relying on their past experiences with the primary focus being on the results he or she desires. Often times, this is just a gut feeling based on knowledge this individual has that paves the way toward the desired outcome. Innovative

“Innovation concentrates on problem-solving, is systematic, and relies on data (Rowe, 2004, p. 3). Individuals who favor the innovative style take a very systematic approach that focuses on the problems and data. In addition, experiments are often conducted with precision and solid facts are drawn from these experiments (Rowe, p. 3, 2004). Imaginative

Individuals who are imaginative are able...

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