Influence of Media and Entertainment

Topics: Jersey Shore, Celebrity, Entertainment Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Every day, millions of people go on gossip websites, or pick up a copy of a People Magazine to catch up on what their favorite celebrities are wearing, doing, and saying. As average people we watch for scandals that famous people are involved in or how their babies are. Why is it that we as a society are so obsessed with this type of culture and value it? The entertainment industry is booming and shows no sign of ever slowing down. We always look up to these people and follow the same trends they start, buy the same things they have and eat at the same places. Likewise, we try to transcend their life in its entirety. According to most people in society, celebrities live “prefect lives” because, they are rich and famous. Looking at their lives is an escape from some of our “ordinary” lives that apparently don’t satisfy us. Our society is shaped by the changes that the entertainment world imposes on us. The social influences of entertainment media could be positive or negative. It is a determinant on the actual individual and their perception in society. From the thousands of channels now available on television, video games, live entertainment, and the internet. Today people are entertained by a variety of media sources. The news is drawn to negativity and is often put on the spotlight, making it difficult to avoid. One might think of entertainment as something that makes one happy or something that people look forward to. While the Jersey Shore show might bring one laughter and good feelings as he/she compares his/her life to the life of a Jersey Shore character that deals with: drunkenness, excessive drama, violence, jail, and unexpected pregnancies. In reality that is not a comparison life that should be taught to person with real life aspirations. However, people are responsible for what they retain from disseminated entertainment media. Entertainment media is a catalyst for societal behavior and attitudes which seemingly come across as positive and negative....
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