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Influence of Mass Media in Hong Kong

By jackszejesse Mar 07, 2015 570 Words
Influence of Mass Media
in Hong Kong

① Introduction
② Development
③ Positive & Negative Infl
④ Improvement
⑤ Conclusion

What is mass media?
 Large no. of channels / sources of informat
– reach a large audience (usually public)
mass communication
 Printed & non-printed (broadcast)
e.g. newspapers, magazines / television, r

Mass Media in Hong Kong
• Daily newspapers: 42
– Chinese-language dailies: 27
– English-language dailies: 3
– Bilingual dailies: 5
– Newspapers in other languages
• Free-to-air TV companies: 3
• Subscription TV companies: 7
• Government radio station: 1
• Commercial radio stations: 2

3 main roles:
Provide news
 Inform
Provide education  Instruct
Provide enjoyment  Entertain

Why is it influential?
• Modernization created social conditions in whic
h the mass media developed.
• Persuasiveness of the media enables them to re
ach the target audience.
• Important source of information in the city

Why is it influential?
• Television broadcasting: large amount of control
 influence the content that society watches and the ti
mes in which they are viewed.
• The internet: large amount of users
 allow diversification of political opinions, social and
cultural differences and heightened level of public parti

How is it influential?
“The degree of influence depends
on the availability and
pervasiveness of media.”

3 susceptible areas:
a) Values
b) Behaviors
c) Relationships

Positive (+)

social platform for:
Advocating educational ideas
Expressing creativity
Voicing opinions

Positive (+)
• Prompt, responsive and outspoken report style
 know the things around us immediately
• Create common topics for family and peers
 enhance in-between relationship

Positive (+)
• Form or modify the public opinion in different way
s depending of what is the objective
 raise awareness of some social issues
 provoke healthy discussion

• “While our mass media claims to be the guardian of freedom of speech, defender of public goods, watchdog on our govern
ment, in reality, our mass media is just another form of busine ss.
More and more of our media resort to lies, half-truths, and se nsationalism to increase sales. Many people have been victimi zed and few can fight back.”
– Betterment of Hong Kong

Negative (-)

channel that could:
Instill wrong concepts
Contain deceptive ideas
Stir unnecessary debates
Bring mass action or movement

Negative (-)
• Low quality of programs and articles
 create unrealistic fears about criminals, foreign pe
oples and mass protest.
• Inappropriate focal points
 give much more attention to crime, deaths and di
sasters than to harmonious communities, acts of ki
ndness and win-win conflict resolution.

Negative (-)
• Wrong / misleading information
 powerful groups, especially government and large c
orporations, shape the news in a range of ways
 offer access to stories in exchange for favorable cov
erage, spreading disinformation, and threatening reve

Negative (-)
• Invasion of privacy
 exposure of private lives of public figures
 spread of gossips / rumors
• Indecency
 inconsiderate paparazzi
 obscene photos

• Editorial independence: guaranteed
 minimize the influence of powerful groups
 retain credibility
• More quality programs: produced
 entertain and educate the public

• Power of advertisers: reduced or eliminated
avoid over-propaganda
 present wide range of objective viewpoint
• Opportunities for citizen input into content: opened up
 enhance public involvement

• New era of broadcasting
– information age

• Diminishing of printing industry
– replaced by electronic media

• Continue its mass influence on society
– vast coverage
– approachability
– reliance of citizen

• Mass media: powerful platfor
– especially prominent in HK
“ As long as we stay true
to what we think and how
we judge, we will not be
influenced by the social
values brought by the
mass media easily.”

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