Influence of Islamic Culture and Belief in Islamic Art

Topics: Islam, Art, Qur'an Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: April 18, 2006
From its place of origin, Mecca (610), Islam has combed the planet's lands leaving behind a diverse group of followers from many nations, creeds, and socio-statuses. This religion has ascended in spite of the adversities that challenged its validity and representatives. The "night of power" birthed a faith that would not only primarily transform the Meccan way of life, but ultimately alter the globes' record of dominant belief systems. Every faith possesses its approach to producing dutiful disciples. Though the much controversy within the Islamic community arises over the display of artistic expression, art couldn't be hindered. Islamic art has been carefully woven into the culture and belief system. Many periods and events have contributed to the evolution of Islamic art as a whole. Islamic art spawns a large and complex topic. While there are numerous different means of categorizing Islamic art, I have chosen to adhere to a division of significance within the Islamic artistic culture. This scheme of classification is intended to stress the overall unity of Islamic art within each of its elemental factors. Thought, taking into account the numerous dynasties whose successive reigns punctuate Islamic history is important in specifying and pin-pointing areas of influence in Islamic history, that route will not be taken. None the less, the early Islamic period (7th -10th centuries) covers the origins of Islam; the creation of a religious, political, and cultural commonwealth; and the formation of a new style of art. In the early medieval period (11th -13th centuries), and the late medieval period (mid 13th – 15th centuries), various regional powers emerged, which promoted diverse forms of cultural expression. Finally, the late Islamic period (16th – 18th centuries), was an age of great empires, in which powerful dynastic backing, more than ever before, helped to promote and shape artistic styles.

Though some might believe Islamic culture is only of Arabian...
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