Influence of Entertainment Media

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Influence of Entertainment Media
March 19, 2014
Robyn King
Influence of Entertainment Media
Entertainment media has become very popular amongst many cultures today. Reality TV is the most common form of entertainment media because it holds many viewers attention. It holds the attention of these people because they may not have any entertainment going on in their own lives, it may be an escape from the reality of day to day life, and/or they want a first look insight on the lives of these entertainers. In hindsight all of these forms of reality entertainment hold nothing more than an extreme high level of unnecessary drama. For example if you watch “Basketball Wives” the drama is centered around several adults that should have more things to worry about than the fact that another person’s mate has cheated on them as well as who doesn’t like who, ETC. Then there’s “Teen Mom” where the youth are supposed to be learning why it isn’t a good thing to get pregnant at a young age. However these teen moms make it look as though it’s a cake walk to have a child while you’re still a baby yourself. It makes the other teen moms believe that is ok to have a child at a young age because it doesn’t show the “reality” as much as it glamourizes the big houses, cars, parents paying your bills, and living without a care in the world. These various forms of entertainment media have shaped American culture and its values because it puts more into what others believe you should have compared to what you actually do have. It doesn’t show the work it takes to get to the top as much as it shows the individual being at the top. It also doesn’t show the amount of work it takes to stay at the top. You more so see that people have the money or are getting the money but you don’t see why or how. It is more likely that a youth in today’s day and age will go out to rob, kill, and/or steal before they actually put in the work to get what it is that they...
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