Influence of Ancient Greek Culture on Modern Cultures

Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: September 20, 2009
Even to this day, ancient Greece’s complex culture has shaped modern day cultures. Some of the particular values they had highlighted among most others, counting religion, faith in their gods, justice, leadership, ‘moira’ (fate), and honor, has shaped modern day society.

To the Greeks, religion has the utmost influence. It pilots their lifestyle, describes natural procedures in the place of modern science, and sets their communal ranks. Even their observations of science are a quality to the gods. They viewed people of other cultures as unaware, and inferior. And did not think of this as arrogance. The peak status in the midst of them are the people closest to the gods. Through the culture, the Greeks believe the gods made them indestructible, as in the gods would protect them and would counsel them through all problems.

Insisted on by the mortal Greeks, justice is based upon their religion and beliefs. All leaders should be accountable to showing justice, because they thought it was the will of the gods. When in any troubled situation of anything, even common sense, a Greek would ask a god for help. Any type of help they received would be carried out, because they thought it was the gods’ guidance. Justice was valued because any type of injustices were punished by the gods because they thought it was going against the gods’ will.

Any status of leadership was an authority figure of loyalty, honor, and respect. But these traits do have a few conditions. The leader must lead with democracy at heart. He must also think through his moira. Moira is the fate given to each person and is controlled by the gods. If the commander doesn’t ’okay’ his moira, he loses his loyalty, honor, and respect. For example, in The King Must Die, the king has to consent and accept his moira in order to lead. Next to religion, ’moira’ is very significant to the Greeks way of life.

In Greek civilization, a person’s honor is valued higher then their own life, and than...
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