Influence of Advertisement on Food Habits of Childrens

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Everyday our children come under an increasing exposure to television commercials and with the growing use of animation techniques. These advertisements are posing attractive to children. How do children process the advertised message, what do they do with it and to what extent they are influenced by what they see and hear? All these questions have become the subject of my research.

The degree of impact of advertising on adults may be problematic but the outcome is devastating for children. Advertising comes in different forms such as television, print, radio and Internet. So using such various communicating devices how the products are advertised to the so-called new segment in the market. Advertisers of children television used to appeal to the parents earlier but now they appeal directly to children who do not have the emotional or cognitive tools to evaluate what's being sold to them. Television is no more just a source of entertainment for children. Some countries have decided that the evidence of advertisings influence on children is strong enough to take legislative action.

For example, Sweden has imposed a ban on all advertising to children under 12 years old and Greece has regulated the content of children television advertising.

The attention span of very young children participating these young that the age of two and half year is quiet common. The child rarely facing oriented towards the television set, younger children tend to pay more attention through out them. Some thing of attential inertia-compared with older children. Older children attention with in series of commercial. Presented in block tended to drop toward the end. For all children full attention to commercial is highest for all the advertisement shown at the beginning of programmes and for children, the auditing full of commercial is often more powerful than the visual.

The accustomed viewing style has its impact on attention. For example viewing while...
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