Influence Chinese Health Conscious Consumer on Coca-Cola Company

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Coca-cola is one of the biggest multinational corporations which globally recognized brand. This recognizable brand helps make Coca-cola the market leader with a market share of 43.7% (The Telegraph, 2010). Globalization created a great variety of distinctive markets for coca-cola through travel, TV, and the Internet. Coca-Cola is now able to market a reasonably uniform product in diverse places such as China. This assay will look at the social factors and in which way the business activities of a large corporation such Coca-cola might influence and influenced the health and lifestyle consciousness of the customer.

It is important to identify the factors that might in turn affect a number of vital variables that are likely to influence on Coca-Cola Company. STEP analysis is merely a framework that categorized environmental influences a Social, Technological, Economic and Political forces.

Social factor involves changing attitudes, lifestyle, value, demographics, age structure of population, class and income structure of local population. Chinese consumers tend to exhibit preferences and behaviors that are rooted in the rich cultural traditions of China‘s past. China is the world‘s largest population and a vast and varied geographical area, the characteristics of China and its population are diverse. Also, Chinese women are becoming more discerning in their shopping habits by doing more product research, often online, prior to purchasing. The influence of female consumers is being felt not only in their own homes, but also in the homes of their parents when they live in the same house or neighborhoods. In addition, Consumers in the highest income groups are willing to spend more on higher quality products and so the growing middle and upper classes are a potential market for Coca-cola products.

Technological factor, the new technology of internet and television which use special effects for advertising through media. This advertising makes the product attractive which helps in selling the products. Also, introduction of new machineries this make the production of Coca-Cola company has increased tremendously then it was few years ago. Computer ownership in China has seen great evolution; internet usage in China has also increased sharply to be accompanied by opportunities for online sales. Online media, which included online advertisements, product articles, blogs and forums, showed that the internet is increasingly being used as a marketing tool for Coca-cola.

Economic factor, China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This growth will require further openness of trade and investment. Chinese government is likely to revalue its currency and this will lead to a reduction in the prices that Chinese consumers. Several things would follow from this; first, lower prices would lead to increased demand especially among those consumers for whom price...

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Lucas M
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