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Roll No.


29 FEB, 2012
Time Allowed: 120 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 200

A. General :
(i) Mark only one correct answer out of five alternatives.
(ii) Use Pencil or Blue/Black Ball Point Pen only for writing particulars for any marking. (iii)Use of calculator is not allowed.(iv) Darken the circles in the space provided only. (v) Use of white fluid or any other material which damages the answer sheet, is not permitted. B. Filling the OMR SHEET :

Please read carefully the instructions printed on the OMR SHEET before marking your response.

Direction (1-15): Read the following passage carefully and
answer the question given below. Certain words in the
passage have been printed in bold to help you to locate them when answering some of the questions.

generated all the time but no industry breakthrough. Simply
because of gravity-a regressive force exerted by a mindset.
Thinking has therefore to happen at three levels; idea, frame and paradigm. From a narrow focus on either product or
process innovation organizations need to look at innovating
Can the last fifteen years be called the most successful decade the whole ecosystem of the organization. Many a time waiting and a half in Indian history and will the next fifteen be equally for a hundred per cent solution before going to the market successful? Consider a culture where independent thinking is the organization forgets that it could end up waiting forever. not encouraged. Or take the example of traditional family run Moreover sometimes organizations are too focused on today business with vast resistance to change or a whole nation

to see tomorrow.
who believes that break-through ideas can be generated
Since management mandates are short-term, sowing the seed
abroad but never at home. Partly responsible is socialization for a revenue stream today and leaving its benefits to be
from early years we are taught not to question our elders but reaped by a successor doesn’t appeal to today’s business at workplaces this creates a hurdle for new thinking. Being
leader. This is a serious hurdle to innovation. Establishing a unable to change radically gives rise to a culture where even function called innovation management or training employees
the smallest change is heralded as a breakthrough.
through creativity workshops will have few benefits unless
Indian corporate leaders have done well standing up to global each frontline employee is empowered to share his innovative giants as their companies have grown in size and market
ideas with the management. What happens to this system
share. To be successful in international markets they need to when the person driving the change leaves the organization? be distinct – distinct products, processes, technologies,
The approach to innovation hence needs to be system driven
business models and organizations. The bottom line will be
rather than people driven. In thirty years India can be the
Innovation. Creativity workshops are organized to channel
largest world economy save China and the US. However as
people to think differently. There are fantastic ideas being companies grow there exists a resemblance in their products,

Bank Power, G-7, Roots Tower, Laxmi Nagar District Centre, Delhi-110092 | |

services, promotions, processes and pricing and so on. There remains only ne escape from this trap.
1. The main idea of the passage is:
(1) India has tremendous potential
(2) Indian companies need to expand to international
(3) The more things change the more they remain the
(4) Creative thinking is the key to India’s success
(5) None of these
2. Which of the following is true in the context of the
(1) Following tried and tested methods will enable a
company to continue being successful globally
(2) A crisis is the optimal time for a company...
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