Inflation and New Blackberry Phones

Topics: Inflation, Personal digital assistant, World population Pages: 10 (3335 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Research In Motion Limited (RIM), trading as BlackBerry, is a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company best known as the developer of the BlackBerry brand of smartphones and tablets. The company is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It was founded by Mike Lazaridis, who served as its co-CEO along with Jim Balsillie until January 22, 2012. Its current CEO is Thorsten Heins. The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM.[3] The BlackBerry Z10 is the first of two new BlackBerry phones presented at the BlackBerry 10 event on January 30, 2013.

Branding: impact of event of 911, the whole phone line and network break down. Due to blackberry has a special network server which belong to itself, its network is still work after the strike. Since then, BB was granted a good reputation with high loyalty. Advertising:the brand image and reputation of blackberry has been outstanding since 1999,now, millions of dollar was invested into the marketing plan advertising for z10 to expand rapidly its market share. And the advertising does has an impact on growth of sales and reached 1million devices. low wage costs:黑莓 has its assembly department,no outsources,so high cost but more flexibility。 technological process or product innovation:BES(企业服务BlackBerry Enterprise Server is designed to securely integrate with existing enterprise server systems. Hosted & Small Business solutions offered.)push email,security value chain. Battery, business model, obtention(customer). Distribution:  more effective distribution for BB with effective carriers that BB has a contract with. after sales service:

Because the main customer of BB is bulk volume of employee groups from many companies, it is hard to handle and hear the individual complain. But BB offer after sale inquire, the customer service will send experts to try to fix issues for customer if it is equipment or device problem. 7.product specification &performance attributes:Provides security service to satisfy customer

The PESTLE Analysis is a common approach for examining the general business environment in order to manage the future opportunities and threats from probable changes in the environment (Mullins 2002) by analyzing the Political and legal conditions, Economic conditions, social and cultural conditions, technological conditions and environment related issues. In the following we will execute a PESTLE Analysis on the US market.

The External Environment consists of the following segments: Demographic: The world’s annual population growth rate is 1.2%, the total population reaching a total population of nearly seven billion (The World Bank, 2013). Moreover, urban areas, which are more accessible to telecommunication networks and devices, have an annual growth rate of 1.98% (The World Bank, 2013). It is predicted that by 2013 year end, mobile devices will exceed the total world population (Cisco, 2013). This tends to state the mobile industry has enormous sustainable growth opportunities. China, India and the United States (US) are the world’s top three mobile device subscribers; over 80% of their total populations use a mobile device. Consequently mobile communication providers should focus on product distribution in these markets.

Political: Many regions including North America and Europe, maintain a competitive industry structure; allowing a multitude of mobile providers to compete in a given marketplace (“Industry report”, 2012). However, Canada is dominated by only three mobile providers; Telus, Bell and Rogers Wireless Communications. This results in high system access fees. US has low barrier. Recently, the Canadian Government announced it will be auctioning off prime wireless space to stimulate more competition in the mobile market (Palmer & Sharp, 2013). Blackberry has struggled to operate in this competitive environment, and any changes in government regulations,...
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