Infinite Number of Monkey Anlysis

Topics: Poetry, Iambic pentameter, Rhyme Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Poetry Analysis
Analyzing poetry is indeed quite difficult for me, and I hope I give justice to my analysis of the two poems above. For sake of organization, each paragraph represents a new idea or tool describing each poem and their relation with one another. From the poem “An infinite number of monkeys,” I inferred that it’s a poem the basically mocks a Shakespeare sonnet. The author is basically saying all Shakespeare poems are about the same thing. Shakespeare's sonnet 144’s persona is about a woman who is described as evil, but the writer still loves her, “To win me soon to hell, my female evil.” While these two poems have a completely different message, their persona’s are related in that Koertge message is right. Shakespeare's poems are always about the same thing,love which is proved in his 144 sonnet.

As I was reading the two poems, identifying the subjects was in fact really easy. According to my analysis, there is no specific subject of Koertge poem, but he referred to this someone and people.The author’s attitude is more or less mockery of Shakespeare's poems in a certain way that still tells a story. On the contrary, Shakespeare had a specific subject, and it was the “evil” woman. At first it may sound like a love poem, but I believe its about how delusional the writer is with the woman’s love. While no exact relationship exists between the two subjects, here we can see the contrast in the characters in the poem.

When physically looking at a poem, there are a number of things we see. This is form. In “ An Infinite Number of Monkeys,” the length of lines are shorter, and there isn't really a consistent amount of words for the poem, and the poem only consists of 13 lines. On the other hand, Sonnet 144 keeps a complete thought together in one line and has 14 lines. Since the first poem is after all mimc of Shakespeare, it does makes sense that the fom of the two vary a little bit.

After careful viewing of ending of sentences and lines,...
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