Infidelity: a Case Study

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Family Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: April 4, 2013
, John called it “hooked for life,” as he liked to say wryly; and Rose adored John because he represented stability and strength. Rose, came from a single parent household. In contrast John’s parents had been married for 37 years. Both considered John’s parents as strong role models for their own marriage. Thus their expectation of a thriving marriage was assumed.

This article is less likely to be used in the case of John and Rose simply because the Wall Street journal’s readers are demographically white upper class Americans, most likely involved in a long term relationship that involves children. In the PARC study on relationships, John and Rose is a young couple in the first few years of their marriage. When they first met they could not get enough of each other, and were spending a lot of time together at each other’s homes in after a month of being involved in a relationship. After 2 years of dating, Rose adored John’s quiet demeanor and in her eyes she adored the idea that his parents stayed together after 37 years of marriage-which was what she idolized coming from a single parent household. “Most of us want to believe that infidelity can’t touch us, that our relationships are too secure, and that we’re too smart, too much in love. That our sex lives are far too good to make our marriage vulnerable. But the reasons for infidelity aren’t as predictable as they seem. According to most experts infidelity is not necessarily driven by sex-at least not at first-but by a spouse’s desire to fill a void.” Wilson, Stolen Moments. This article relates directly to the John and Rose’s situation because of Rose’s preconceived ideas of marriage, and her upbringing in a single parent household. As a precursor to his wife’s affair, John began to have problems finding his professional niche. Rose was in graduate school studying for her M.B.A. John tried graduate school for a while, too, but then became discouraged by his public-health program and dropped out. He...
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