Inferiority Complex

Topics: Self, Inferiority complex, Complex Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: January 20, 2012
Inferiority Complex

“I do not know anything; I have got nothing to show the world; I do not have any worth.” These are the common thoughts of a person with inferiority complex. The study of this condition was first pioneered by Alfred Adler. Inferiority complex is characterized as a feeling that one is lesser than others in some way. People with this illness do not feel good about their selves or refuse to listen to anything positive about them. It is not just the usual feeling of inferiority that people sometimes have. It is a much higher condition which can result to a person’s withdrawal from social contacts. This abnormal state can be caused by parental attitudes and upbringing, physical defects, mental limitations, social disadvantages and discriminations. Parental attitudes and upbringing refers to the parents’ behavior during one’s childhood that usually results to unfavorable outcome to a child’s personality. Such behaviors like emphasizing the mistakes and shortcomings of the child and the approval of negative remarks, instead of encouraging them to do better next time can be the cause. Physical defects may also cause a person to feel inferior from others, especially when his appearance makes him feel or think that he is deprived. Mental limitations, social disadvantages and discrimination also are other factors that can promote inferiority complex for these also induce fear. It is usually the fear of competitions because one’s weaknesses can be exposed in such things.

There are some possible solutions to this problem. First is enhancing one’s strength. By enhancing the strengths of a person, he can have a higher self esteem. His goals in life can be achieved only if he has confidence with himself. Next, a can camouflage his weaknesses. If he can not convert his weakness into his strength, he can always find things in which he is good at. Through this, attention will be focused on the good things he has, rather on his disabilities....
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