Infectious Disease Prevention and Contr

Topics: Infectious disease, Epidemiology, Infection Pages: 5 (1084 words) Published: December 17, 2014
N453—Community and Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Class # 4

Required Readings:
Stanhope and Lancaster, Chapter 26

Required Preparation:
Read the textbook; review the power points before class. Read the assigned article, and be ready to discuss it in a group.

Learning Objectives:
1. Review principles related to the occurrence and transmission of infection and infectious diseases. 2. Describe the chain of transmission of infectious diseases. 3. Apply the chain of transmission to describing approaches to controlling infectious disease. 4. Review types of immunity, including herd immunity.

5. Review principles of immunization and specify the immunization recommended for all age groups in the United States. 6. Describe the legal responsibility for control of communicable diseases in the United States. 7. Describe the chain of transmission and control for priority infectious disease. 8. Identify nursing activities for control of infectious diseases at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention. 9. Review principles related to the occurrence and transmission of infection and infectious diseases.

Key Terms:
Knowing these terms will help you understand the concepts of this topic. communicable disease
isolationmass screeningmode of transmission zoonosesincubation periodnosocomial infection outbreakendemicepidemic pandemiccross-immunity

Materials Needed for Class:
This packet

Today’s Activities:
Lecture, group work with case studies

Study Questions:

Talk about the previous perspectives in communicable diseases. What happened in the last century to increase positive outcomes in community health?

Talk about transmission of communicable diseases. Transmission depends on the successful interaction of three factors. What are they? What are the four main categories of infections agents that can cause infection?

Discuss the modes of transmission. What are the three examples of disease spectrum?

How are communicable diseases tracked? What about emerging infectious diseases? What are some examples—and what was done about it?

How are communicable diseases prevented and controlled? What is the role of the nurse?

Talk about agents of bioterrorism. How are anthrax and smallpox contracted? Treated? How do they present?

Vaccines are one of the most effective methods of preventing and controlling communicable diseases. What are these diseases? How do they present? How are they treated?

Food infection results from bacteria or viral or parasitic infection of food. Name some food-borne illnesses. What are food intoxications?

Vector-borne diseases are transmitted by vectors. How are they treated? Prevented?

Zoonosis is an infection transmitted from a vertebrate animal to a human. How is this prevented? Treated?

Talk about hospital-acquired infections and universal precautions.

Discuss disease surveillance. What are the uses? Purposes? Data sources?

What are nationally notifiable diseases? State notifiable diseases? What is the system used for this report mechanism?

Discussion Questions:

1.Your college roommate went to bed not feeling well one night and early the next morning you had trouble arousing her. She was rushed to the hospital just in time to be effectively diagnoses and treated for meningococcal meningitis. The health department recommends immediate antibiotic treatment for everyone that was in close contact with your roommate. They set up a process to watch for additional cases to be sure an outbreak is not in progress. Fortunately, no more cases occur. You ask yourself: should your college require that all freshmen have the meningococcal vaccine before they can register for classes?

2.As a health advisor to a worldwide HIV/AIDS foundation, you are asked to advise on ways to address the HIV and...
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