Infectious Disease Control

Topics: Infectious disease, Infection, Immune system Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: October 31, 2008
Annette Palumbo
Micro. Article Review 1
Infectious Disease Control – Recommendations for Biosecurity and Vaccination

This is an excellent article that goes over many very important and useful points about biosecurity and vaccinations of the equine species. Some points covered that I found especially useful were reducing the exposure to infectious agents in the horses’ environment, minimizing things that decrease resistance and/or increase susceptibility to disease, and enhancing resistance to some diseases by vaccination. I also found very useful some key points that I did not really understand before about biosecurity. The information on biosecurity was especially helpful because they provide ideas and ways to explain the importance to owners in the best way.

In the first section of this article I learned a lot that I previously hadn’t known or knew but not in depth such as the fact that vaccinations do not totally allow for complete immunity from disease, they are only a part of a disease control and good biosecurity habits are also necessary. For example, even if horses are vaccinated, there are certain times when their immunity and/or resistance to diseases are at a low. Some of these times include during co-mingling events such as shipping, race tracks, breeding farms, and show grounds, because the stress levels of these horses are high and most diseases are spread through the respiratory route and/or manure, horses in a group setting have a lower natural resistance. Humans can even unknowingly contribute to the transfer of diseases by handling equipment from one horse to the next without proper cleansing and/or disinfecting. There were a lot of points about general biosecurity that while reading I really learned how important they were and thought of good ways to interpret that information to clients. For instance, simply realizing the risk level of an infectious disease is important. I realized how I should inform the client that early...
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