Infant Observation

Topics: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development, Eye Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: April 26, 2009
Physical Growth:

1) Andrew is about 26 inches tall and weighs about 15,5 lbs. He has blond hair and beautiful big blue eyes. His little arms and legs are chunky. In proportion to his body his head seems to be bigger but it`s not. 2) When I was doing my observation he was playing.


3) Vision: Andrew mostly observes objects with bright colors for about 30 seconds before he drops it to find the next curious object. When put down onto the floor he crawls right towards the toys, telling me that he prefers colors. As I move a toy in front of his face side to side, he follows it with his eyes and his head. When I play some music he turns his head towards the source of the sound and starts to crawl closer to the music. 4) No real regular actions to make me believe he is in need of any special item other than food when he is hungry.

Motor Development:

5) Reflexes: Blinking reflex - when I blow on his face his eyes respond by blinking. Babinski reflex - when I lightly stroke on his foot his toes spreads apart like a fan. 6) I see him exploring his surroundings, looking at objects and feeling them. He is crawling, he can walk while holding onto furniture or he is sitting when examining a toy. 7) He moves his head in a normal way.

8) He can reach sitting position alone. He does so by bending one knee and backing down onto his behind. 9) He grasps an object with one hand (right) while holding his upper body with his other hand (left) onto the floor. He lets go of the object by dropping it at his side to grab the next.

Cognitive Development:

10) To find out if Andrew has a concept of object permanence I used the Piaget method. I showed Andrew a toy and then I covered it with a blanket. He grabed the blanket off the toy. That tells me he has a clear concept of object permanence 11) Sensorimotor activity - His eyes focus on bright colors and he responds to sounds by looking toward the sounds. Andrew communicates through his...
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