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Caregiver Form

To Whom it May Concern,

This student is enrolled in Child Development 175 Infant-Toddler Growth and Development at Mesa College. As part of the course, we are learning about how to observe infants and toddlers in order to learn more about their development, personalities, likes and dislikes. As part of the course requirement, each student must observe and infant/toddler for at least one hour. The child’s real name will not be used in the observation. Please fill out the portion below to verify that this student performed an observation on a child in your care.

Thank you for your support,
Cassandra Blomberg, MS

Student’s Name: Myra Carolina Becerril_______________

Center Name (if applicable)__House__________ Date___04/09/2015________________

Name________________________ Signature_____________________________


NAME: Myra Carolina Becerril DATE OF OBSERVATION: 04/09/2015 LOCATION: 5182 Foothill Blvd.
CHILD’S NAME: Thomas (name changed) AGE:11 months CAREGIVER’S NAME: Lauren Burrogh
OBSERVING: Play time and snack time.
Small home, the house is one level floor with 2 bedrooms. One play room area (where the observation took place) this room has big windows that offers great view of the backyard where there are plenty of toys and a trampoline. Living room and dining room are connected. The infant room is shared with her 2 year old sister. Infant has a crib and her sister has a bed. General Observations:

The infant and toddler sister where told by their mother that I was there visiting just to watch them play. Infant has blond hair, blue eyes. When I arrived to the house Sister was watching T.V she greeted me and infant was crawling in the living room. Physical development:

Observation: Thomas tries to do or get all the toys the sister is...
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