Infant Mortality Proposal

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Infant Mortality
Health Communication
Infant Mortality in African American Women
Infant mortality is a rather complex issue that is problematic locally, nationally, and globally. The infant mortality rate is horrendously high in undeveloped countries. Despite America being a developed country and having available prenatal information programs; infant mortality is a growing problem in African American women. A plethora of infants are dying in the African American community, which indicates poverty, malnutrition and limited access to proper healthcare. The disparity in rates within the United States is alarming as well, with African American infants dying at more than twice the rate of white infants. This significant increase of infant mortality illustrates a challenge for both African American women and the health care community, and consistent intervention is crucial to reduce infant mortality. High infant mortality is a social problem that can only be solved through massive collaborative effort from health officials and the African American community. The purpose of this proposal is to raise awareness about the growing rate of infant mortality, as a result of poverty, malnutrition and limited access to proper healthcare. I will focus specifically, on the substantially high infant mortality rate in Memphis, TN. Memphis has a substantially high infant mortality rate, which indicates a need for improvement in the city’s social and medical care. I will also discuss preventive available alternatives to eradicate infant mortality in African American women. Literature Review

Infant Mortality in the US
Infant mortality is the death of baby before his or her first birthday. Infant mortality is a critical indication of the U.S nation’s healthcare. The United States rank 28th internationally in infant mortality, a relatively higher rate compared to its peer nations. Prematurity and low birth rates are the most frequent causes of infant mortality the...
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