Infant Mortality

Topics: Demography, Unemployment, Infant mortality Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: January 23, 2013
* High fertility rates and high unemployment rates affect and increase Infant mortality rate of a country. What is Infant Mortality Rate?
The infant mortality rate is defined as the number of children who die before their first birthday divided by the total number of births that took place that year. What is Fertility Rate?
* Fertility rate of country is defined as the average total number of children born to one woman * A fertility rate of two children per women is considered the replacement rate at which a country can be stable. What is Unemployment Rate?

* Unemployment rate represents the percent of labour force that is currently out of work. * In other words, this figure represents the percentage of people who are of age to work and are capable of doing so but cannot find work. Steps to Finding a Sample

* Use stratified random sample
* Dividing the world into continents
* Choose countries from continents based on the proportion of their population with relation to the world * Calculating the percentage into 70 (which was the desired sample size) fairly enough. Sample

* Asia 45,
* Africa 10,
* Europe 8,
* North and South America 10,
* Australia/ Oceania 1
* While doing my project I encountered a lot of bias, most of it was sampling bias because I couldn’t find data from the entire population of some countries, so I had to do a lot of more research for those countries and look out at different sources to make sure the data was accurate. * The websites where I took my data from could have encountered bias such as non-response bias and response bias.

Single variable analysis: Infant mortality rate
* This bar graph represents Infant Mortality Rate around the world, it can be seen that there is a inconsistent trend in infant mortality rates globally. * Based on mean the average rate of infant mortality is approximately 28, which is a...
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