Infant and Toddler Development and Programming

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EDUC 23329 Infant and Toddler Development and Programming In Class Assignment #1:Experiences for Infants and Toddlers 5%

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Comparing the Infant-Toddler KDIs to the Preschool KDIs

How are they the same/different?
Why are they the same/different?
*Using Developmental Rationale
Approaches to Learning


Reflection ( only in Preschool)

Initiative is listed on Pre-school and Infants /Toddler KDI’s. Both age groups have the desire the display Initiative.

During preschool age children demonstrate it throughout their world, where as the infant/toddler have the desires to be initiative in their environment. This KDI is different in preschoolers because , a preschooler demonstrates their desires throughout the opportunities that are given to them and act upon it quickly and go with it.

Reflection is only shown in Preschool development KDI’s

Reflection is not shown in Infants and Toddlers because they are not at the stage where they can express their experiences in language. An Infant or Toddler has not yet development extensive language to perform a reflection. Social & Emotional Development

Similarity: Emotions is listed in both Pre-school and Infant KDI’s. It is clear, that both age groups display their emotions in their environment.

Emotions are the same in both KDI age groups, because they both express it (anger, boredom, sadness, frustration etc.).

Difference: Preschoolers “recognize, label, and regulate their feelings” whereas Infants and Toddlers only “express” it. This means that Infants are not developmentally capable to identify or distinguish certain feelings.

Emotions are different in both because an infant is not developmentally capable of identifying their feelings using their language. They have no yet developed the language that will help them express their feelings. Physical Development and Health

Infant/ Toddlers KDI: (13) Moving the...
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