Infant Activities Cover All 5 Domains

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Infant Activities
1.) Theme: All About Learning
Domain: Communication
Standard: 1
Benchmark: 1.2
Developmental Continuum: Imitates sounds and words
Description of Activity: Carry or guide children around the room, or outside, and point to objects and label them(dog, cat, chair, crayon, crib, blanket, etc.), giving them the chance to “repeat” the word. Materials Needed: None

Introduction of Activity: Pick up children or guide them around and proceed with activity Space/Location: Anywhere will work… Outside, inside, anywhere with items to give names

2.) Theme: All About Learning
Domain: Cognitive
Standard: 1
Benchmark: 1.2
Developmental Continuum: Works toward an objective
Description of Activity: Place several toys, such as cubes, rattles, and rings, in the center of the children. Infants should try to pick up items. Interact with infants during play by naming objects and responding to their babbles and coos. Make noises and smile at babies. Materials Needed: Blocks, rattles, rings, infant toys

Introduction of activity: Place children in floor in as good as a circle as possible. Lay babies on their tummies to give them tummy time. Space/location: Classroom floor: Possible outside on soft surface if weather permits

3.) Theme: All About Learning
Domain: Social/Emotional
Standard: 2
Benchmark: 2.1
Developmental Continuum: Responds to emotional cues and social situations Description of Activity: Hold infant in front of mirror (hand mirror can be used in a sitting position) and ask “who is that?”. Step to the side of the mirror so the infant can no longer see him/herself. After a few seconds, pop back in front of the mirror and say “ It’s ________ (child’s name)!. Step aside and repeat again. Materials Needed: Wall or hand mirror

Introduction of Activity: None. Select an infant and begin.
Space/Location: Individualized, in classroom, in front of mirror

4.) Theme: All About Learning
Domain: Motor
Standard: 1
Benchmark: 1.1...
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