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People are unequal and we should not treat them equally.

What is equality? Equality is a state in which every living person is given the same number of opportunity to vent out their ability to its fullest, regardless of gender, race, wealth, religion, and so on.

However, in the world of capitalism and libertarianism, people cannot be equal. Each person is born with different amounts of wealth and contrary aspects both physically and mentally, no matter how much people fight for equal human rights. There is an increase in reported racial discrimination cases, and still women in South Korea are less employed than men.

Capitalism was adopted by the government as a means to motivate people into working harder.

Nevertheless, both the government and its people should attempt to bring equality into the world. Wealth and power is given to only a selected few; yet the ownership of a nation is not only given to those in the upper class. If people were not given the same amount of opportunity to be equal, the middle and lower classes would eventually accept reality and not try as hard at their jobs as the upper class. In consequence, economy would fall, because there is a limit to how much the wealthy and the powerful can run the world. Furthermore, the wealth gap would be widening more than ever, resulting in stagnation and imbalance.

Equal opportunities encroach on almost every aspect of our daily lives. How we respond to this interaction is dependent on many factors. From birth, we are subjected to an oppressive environment that has been in situ since time began. This has been perpetuated by countless generations as the norm. The upbringing and environment people have will determine how attitudes and opinions are formed. This is not to say everyone is not capable of change though. Equal opportunities are not just about individuals it is also about countries, institutions, governments and companies implementing policies. It is not about politics or legal terminology. It is about fairness, it is about treating every one the same way irrespective of their background, gender, race and social status. It is about making sure opportunity is presented to the individual in a fair manner. In trying to achieve these measures as individuals we must continue to reflect on the language and labeling we use and how we interact with other individuals. 

Equality can be found in every part of modern day society. However, it will be shown that far from being enshrined in UK legislation and company policies. The truth is, equality is far from the ideal place envisaged by members of our society. Equality in the workplace is controlled by the new Equality act (2010). This places statutory obligations on employers to treat their work force on an equal footing. This is intended to make sure everyone who is employed by a company has the same opportunities regardless of age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The act goes on further to cover disabilities, gender reassignment and religious beliefs. The new legislation has drawn wide criticism from leaders of the business community and even church leaders. A small number of Anglicans Roman Catholic bishops have stated they could be prosecuted under the new law if they refuse to allow married men, transsexuals and gay people into the priesthood. (2009). The UK governments own impact assessment has indicated the cost of implementing the act will cost some £190 million pounds. Equality impact assessment (2009). In an interview with an 18 year unemployed service user at the Runcorn branch of the Y.M.C.A, Kyle stated he felt he was discriminated against because every time he applied for jobs he was forced to put on the application form where he resided. As this is a hostel, he felt his application was always discarded as he was never invited in for an interview. 

Racial equality is a belief that individuals from a different racial group are equal and in no way inferior. Racial...
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