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Industrial chapter
18478502677795Geologically Italy is known as two sections, the north Italian plain (NIP) and the Mezzogiorno; south. In industry there is the north industrial triangle; Milan, Turin and Genoa (North West), the strong industrial tradition; the mezzogiorno; south of Rome, Melfi in Basilicata, here is weak industrial tradition and lack of enterprise culture. But there is also another section of Italy known as the third Italy. This is the centre north and east from Venice in the north to Pisa in the south (counties of Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Veneto and has grown over the last 20 years. Italy’s position in the EU is right on the edge which makes industry hard as it would be hard to transport in certain places, especially in the north. This gives a big knock in the industry as it almost costs as much to make than to deliver. In this chapter I will be seeing how much the industry has developed and how it has improved the quality of life. The different wages in the different areas, the pollution; land prices; environment; what people refer; the different industry’s and the multiplier effect. The multiplier affect has been very useful to Italy and I am going to see what has caused it, why it is useful and how it works. Industry is a main cause of money around the whole world and Italy has only started to develop. How has this affected Italy? Industry in Italy

-3429002191385Italy used to be a traditional land of faring and now have split into three sections for industry. As it shows in the pie chart on the right, the NIP has gone from a tradition primary industrial position to mainly tertiary and secondary meaning more modern equipment like factories. This can cause pollution which I will be explaining further on in this chapter. However this modernisation hasn’t quite happened in the south as it shows in the pie chart on the left. This pie chart shows that still a quarter the north are relying on farming and as it says in the...
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