Industry Analysis Report on Kmart

Topics: Kmart, S. S. Kresge, Wal-Mart Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: May 23, 2005

Industry Analysis Report on Kmart

Kmart is a huge vintage company that had peeked at one time and now is struggling to survive due to competition and other legal battles. This analysis report will describe and analyze the major forces that shape the structure and competitive intensity of Kmart. This report will look at Kmart's history, competitors, marketing strategies, and some legal battles that have affected the company. The shaping and structuring of Kmart started more than one hundred years ago. HISTORY

Over a century ago, Sebastian Spering Kresge opened a small store in Detroit, Michigan and tainted the entire setting of retailing. He built this store not intending that his store would develop into an empire of more than twenty one hundred stores and an Internet presence that reaches millions of customers everyday. The S.S. Kresge Company founded in 1899, opened its first Kmart discount store in 1962. By the next year, Kmart had opened 53 stores, on the verge of being the number one retailer. In the 1970s, Kresge began opening smaller 40,000 square foot stores in smaller towns and switched from brand name to private label goods manufactured internationally at low cost. Over the years, Kmart hurt its own development efforts by diversification into specialty retailing, which brought it close to bankruptcy. In the 1990's, the company had to sell off its Sports Authority, Borders, Office Max and Builders Square chains. A decade later in the twentieth century Charles Conaway replaces Floyd Hall as chairman and CEO. About a year after the new chairman and CEO joins Kmart, the corporation bought Internet service and soon there after Kmart Corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to stiff competition, corrupt leadership, and bad financial planning.

Kmart filed for bankruptcy protection, once the largest retailer ever to do so in U.S. history. Most industry...
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