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1° The Company
Breakdown Sales
Swot Analysis of the company
2° Ownership Structure
Shareholding Structure
Major Share holders
3° Remuneration of the management
4° Financial Statements Evolution 2011/2012
Assets of the balance sheet
Consolidated Income Statement
5° Common size income statements
6° Financial Ratios
7° Cash cycle
8° Short Conclusion
9° Bibliography

1° the Company
Air Liquide S.A. is a French anonymous society as known as a limited company created in France in 1902, and didn’t stopped to innovate till today as the world first industrial and medical gas supplier. Operating in more than 80 different countries, the company is leading every departments of fabrication and innovation in gas.

Since the creation of, at first, a public limited company the November 8 1902, on the invention of Georges Claude of a new process to separate air from different components by liquefying it. The May 25 1902, Air Liquide created new technology and innovate to growth to become the greatest supplier of industrial, medical and liquid gas and all king of chemicals and biologics products on the world. After partnering up to 25 shares holders, the society didn’t stop to create and invent, but also to expand. From 1906, they start to export products to Europe as Belgium and Italy, but also in Asia like Hong Kong or Japan, and also America with invests in Canada. It’s a very early expansion all across the world, even if nobody could think that it would be a full success. That’s why in 1913 they done their IPO, and in almost 17 years, they cleared 15% of their debt passive. It became soon the 6th biggest society exchanged on the CAC 40.

Breakdown sales

As we can see, the first quarter of 2012, the society revenue is about 3,779 M€, also an increase of 6.7% compared to the 2011 first quarter1. On the same comparative analysis, the revenue as raise by 4,5%, without the 2,1% of the actual impact, like -0.5% of the scope impact as follows the sales of a non-strategic subsidiary in the electronic equipment sector in Europe, but a raise of 0,6 of the natural gas impact.

SWOT Analysis
The greatest world supplier of industrial, medical, and liquid gas This society is very diversified geographically, in product and clients. The firm is present in 100 branch in 80 different country like Asia, Europe, America and Africa This corporation as a very strong research and development capacity with a great budget and 45 00 employees.

This corporation is leader in hydrogen market and belong for more than 33% of the market operations
The operational margin got increased by scale economies.

Higher production cost due to the inflation of the energy cost because of the increased demand.
The production capability are limited
Decrease of the market share due to the hard concurrence

The solar energy seems to be a long term energy
Some agreements are made with photovoltaic cells producer
Put in place of the ALMA program that target increase of the performance The corporation has also brands on the medical market
The growth is possible thanks to the equipment that cure sleep apnea The society can make huge benefits with the implantation in emerging countries like China and India

Slowdown of the world economy
The technology and the demand are changing very quickly in terms of innovation Foreign concurrent are appearing
Put in place of a anti-trust regulation who can slowdown the group growth Political instability can appear where the society has shuttle down

Conclusion of the SWOT:

Air Liquide is the strongest company of industrial and medical gas fabricant in the world. It’s a very wide, multi-directional and international society with a heart target of innovation and creation, with everyday inventions sharp edge technology. It has also a huge notoriety across the world through his medical branch, and gets clients from the best know...

Bibliography: 1
3 According to Forbes and La Tribune
Analysis of the annual repport 2011
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