Industrialized Building System (Ibs)

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The industrialized building system (IBS) can be generally interpreted as in which all building components such as floors, walls, columns, beams, and roofs are mass produced either in a factory or at site factory according to specifications with standardize shapes and dimensions and transported to the construction projects site to be assembled into a structure with minimal site wet work and erected on the site properly joined to form the final units. The development of industrialized building system (IBS) is not new in the construction industry.

The idea of industrialized building system (IBS) has received much attention in the devastated countries after the Second World War. Though, Malaysia did not suffer the impact of the war, the need to supply its population with affordable and quality houses has prompted the government to promote the use of IBS as an alternative to conventional building system.


There are a few definitions by researchers and experts in this field which can be found through literature. Rahman and Omar (2006) defined IBS as a construction system that is built using pre-fabricated components. The manufacturing of the components is systematically done using machine, formworks and other forms of mechanical equipment. IBS is defined as products, systems and techniques used in making construction less labour -oriented, faster as well as quality controlled. It generally involves pre fabricated products, factory manufactured elements that transported to the construction sites and erected. (Shaari, Bulletin Ingénieur, 2003). According to Abraham Warszawski (1999), IBS is defined as a set of element or component which is inter-related towards helping the implementation of construction works activities. He also expounded that an industrialisation process is an investment in equipment, facilities, and technology with the objective of maximising production output, minimising labour resource, and improving quality while a building system is defined as a set of interconnected element that joint together to enable the designated performance of a building. Trikha (1999) defined IBS as a system in which concrete components prefabricated at site or in factory are assembly to form the structure with minimum in situ construction. Esa and Nuruddin (1998) asserted that IBS is a continuum beginning from utilizing craftsmen for every aspect of construction to a system that make use of manufacturing production in order to minimise resource wastage and enhance value for end users. Perhaps the most comprehensive definition of IBS was clarified by Junid (1986).He mentioned that IBS in the construction industry includes the industrialized process by which components of a building are conceived, planned, fabricated, transported and erected on site. The system includes a balanced combination between the software and hardware components. A construction technique in which components are manufactured in a controlled environment (on or off site), transported, positioned and assembled into a structure with minimal additional site works (CIDB, 2003a).


Warszawski (1999) asserted that the building system could be classified indifferent ways, depending on the particular interest of their users or producers. Such classification use construction technology as a basis for classifying different building systems. In this manner four major groups can be distinguished namely, system with (1) timber, (2) steel, (3) cast in situ concrete, and (4) precast concrete as their main structural and space enclosing materials. These systems can be further classified according to the geometrical configuration of their main framing components as follows (1) linear or skeleton (beams and columns)system, (2) planar or panel systems, and (3) three dimensional or box...

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