Industrialization a Threat to the World

Topics: Global warming, Japan, Industrial Revolution Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: July 24, 2005
World industrialization is at a large rise around the world. People making goods to and selling them back to consumers for profit is how the world works. Yet Newton law said that every action will have a reaction. In this case I am talking about industrialization the factories opposite reaction is pollution. It has become a major factor in the world people are concerned it will cause global warming and such.

Japan is one of the larges industrialized countries in this world. They consume natural resources like no other. According to documents 1 and 2 they consume 10 times more then the average Bangladeshi and produce 5 times more pollution. They vary in numbers is great considering they are both industrialized countries. The difference is that Japan produces for more of the world they are the primary distributors of electronics and auto mobiles to America.

According to document 3 rich countries's although production most of the pollution china will out produce the amount of pollution buy 2015. People attempt to cut down on pollution but is that really possible? The conveniences of the world depend on pollution. . Although the pollution is killing us would man kind give up the life of luxury for the extension of life? What are the attitudes of people who would rather enjoy life now then to live a longer one? These people are the ones who don't mind industrialization.

Now the subject of people using fossil fuels scientist believe this can be another alternative for burning oil for fuel. Fossil Fuels are fuels formed from dead plant and animal remains. Yet the question is how would they go about gathering these fuels? Digging up many sites across America around our rain forest and around our regular forest this also can be detrimental to our environment.
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