Industrialization: Steam Engine and Time

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Factory Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: August 25, 2013
A period of major industrialization that took place during the late 1700s and early 1800s. This time period saw the mechanization of agriculture and textile manufacturing and a revolution in power (steam ships and railroads, etc etc) and had a massive effect on social, cultural and economic conditions. The aspects that caused this type of change in the 1800’s England, were the economic success at the time, the political advancements, and the innovative technology. These all contribute to England’s advancement into the transformation into an industrial super power. Starting with the Economy at the time, this paper will explain why England was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. In document one it is shown that England has many available resources, but not only that it is also shown that the canals where the resources would be traded on. This Document shows us a reason to why the economy was so successful in even the early 1700’s. In document four the same thing is stated but in quote form, the author states that England is so fortunate for it’s location and abundance of resources. Resources including wool, coal, and iron. Those resources are invaluable when it came to economic success. It would have been nice if there a document shown showing how the crude combustion and/or steam engine worked at the time. If they had given us that it could have clearly been seen , and explained how the abundance of coal and Iron played a major role in the young England’s being the first to use the steam engine. Without the iron to cast the machines, or coal to power the machines, the revolution wouldn’t have happened in England. In Document two it shown that many people moved from the agricultural countryside, to the now quickly expanding cities. As previously mentioned machinery allowed production of goods to increase enough where more machinery could be purchased, therefore increasing the amount of jobs available. This availability in jobs caused many to move to...
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