Industrialization of the United States

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Industrialization of the United States
Industrialization of the United States
The history of the United States of America had always been one of progress. Though the socio-political realm of the history of the nation is partially enshrouded by black veil of struggles, conflicts, and eventual changes, the economic sphere of the American history still conveys about the significant progresses the country has been making since the inception of the process of industrialization. It is noteworthy that industrialization in the United States of America opened new arenas for economic opportunity even though it was ingrained with several sociological drawbacks that included the encroachment of capitalist exploitations and resulting militant labor unionism. The industrial growth that the United States still boasts on had its inception in the early 1800’s and the progress went through the post-Civil War era. It must be noted that after the Civil War a dramatic change occurred in the realm of American industry. Machines started replacing the conventional hand labor which was once considered the primary means of manufacturing, and this mechanization gradually started increasing production capacity of the American industries in a tremendous manner (‘History of the United States: Industrialization and reform (1870-1916)’ n.d.). Moreover, the development of railways did fuel the process of industrialization greatly as distribution of goods to different corners of the nation far and wide became possible (“History of the United States: Industrialization and reform (1870-1916)”, n.d.). Also, it must be noted that “Inventors developed new products that the public wanted, and businesses produced the products in large quantities. Investors and bankers supplied the huge amounts of money that business leaders needed to expand their operations” (‘History of the United States: Industrialization and reform (1870-1916)’ n.d.). And all these ensured that the United States is on the right...

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