Industrialization Effects

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Factory Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: April 3, 2006
Industrialization effects
The Industrial Revolution began in Briton in about 1740. There were many reasons for its arrival, one being an improvement in agriculture lowering the cost of food. This meant that families could get food cheaper and since most of their money was spent on food, many families had extra money to spend. Another major reason for the cause of the Industrial Revolution was Briton's rising textile industry. Briton's competition with India's cotton textile industry made Briton create tariffs on Indian cotton, thus giving Briton an advantage. Briton also had a number of inventions that made cotton textiles cheaper and faster to produce. At the same time, steam engines were also being produced to help spread industrialization and trade. This Industrial Revolution grew and spread changing the politics, economics, and social aspects of the world. Politically the Industrial Revolution radically changed the world. With the production of steel and steam engines, trade drastically increased around the world changing the relationships of countries and allowing billions of dollars to be invested worldwide. Along with this investment and industrialization came better inventions and new ways to fight wars. New warfare gave industrial countries an upper hand in war. For an example, the United States used new warfare to increase borders and create oversea colonies, while Briton used it to colonize Africa. Lastly industrialization brought the growth of cities that were set up for political means. The Industrial Revolution brought immense wealth to countries and businesses. One of the more major reasons for the economic success of the Industrial revolution was the steam engine. The steam engine made movement of materials easier, which in turn brought about the growth of cities. The idea was that raw materials could be shipped by steam engine to factories located in the city. This would benefit the factories because it could attract workers who were in around...
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