Industrialization Effects

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton mill, Factory Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: February 27, 2014

Overall, Did Industrialization Have a Greater
Positive or Negative Effect on Society?

Industrialization is the development of industry on an extensive scale. This was very important because it paved the way for the evolution of the modern world. It caused much advancement in transportation, trade, and manufacturing. Although there are many positive effects of the Industrialization, the negative effects on the society during that time period are very severe. It had many effects on the people and the environment, ranging from death to increase of pollution in the atmosphere. There were many serious issues that came along with the Industrial Revolution and they all made impacts for the future. One major effect of Industrialization was the growth of the cities. Before the Industrial Revolution many of the populations consisted of farmers, but due to the growth of manufacturing and industry many of the people moved to the cities to work in the factories. This lead to overcrowding which with the combination of poor sanitation systems, no plumbing, and dirty habits caused the people to die from diseases and illness related to poor living conditions. Garbage, feces, and animals covered the streets. Rat infestations were ramped because spoiled food lay sprawled across every street and in every ally. (Document 7, Engels, 1844) This was not a pleasant place to live in, the life expectancy in cities were noticeably different than those who lived in rural areas. Despite the horrific living conditions this was not the only detrimental effect of the Industrialization. Along with living conditions the working environments are not the most suitable for people to be operating heavy machinery. Many people died from factory related incidents. There is many documents from primary witnesses describing people being ripped limb from limb, not excluding children. The machinery and the pollution emissions caused the working environment to be a very dangerous place....
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