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The Industrial Revolution was a substantial phase from 1750 to 1850 that promoted changes and innovations in the areas of agriculture, science, technology, and transportation. This particular concept can be smeared with the two vital countries that play an essential role in today’s world economy, Japan and Britain. The Industrial Revolution first commenced in United Kingdom, then subsequently to Japan and to the rest of the world. Although both of these countries industrialized unfathomably in a relatively short time period, the causes and effects were both similar and different, allowing us to make significant comparisons between the two.

The Industrialization of Britain is considered to be the fundamental in examining the Industrial Revolution. This is largely due to the fact that the British were the very first ignition that sparked the Industrial Revolution through the whole world. The Industrialization began in England for many reasons. One of the obvious reasons would be their geographical advantage. For instance, since England is an island, it was not invaded since 1066. Furthermore, due to the high coast-land ratio, the transportation were not costly allowing them to have enough surplus of wealth. Finally, it had natural resources at disposal, notable iron and coal. Having these advantages, the trigger that is thought to have caused the revolution in Britain is the existence of the Cotton Industry. Before Industrialization, Britain’s economy was predominantly built upon the agriculture with the minimum of seventy-five of the Britain’s population living off the rural areas.

Colonization played a substantial role in the industrialization of the Great Britain. Colonization promoted exploitations of overseas resources, which provided European countries a drastic amount of primary resources. Access to these resources resulted in the industrial breakthrough in the British cotton industry. Demand of products from these resources increased and...
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