Industrial Training

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Problem faced by student who went for Industrial Training.
Industrial Training (IT) for undergraduate students is a necessary training program to all UTM’s students. The Industrial Training is compulsory to all undergraduate students as it is a part of curriculum in all UTM’s faculty programs. Undertaking the Industrial Training is one of the requirements needed to be passed for the rewards as Bachelor. During the training program, students are attached either in the public or private sector. The placement of Industrial Training is freely selected by the students whereby they have to find any sector, company or agency that suits the course taken at the University. Therefore, students are encouraged to search for the training placement as early as possible since industrial training is highly competitive among all higher learning students. Industrial Training is the most appropriate platform to expose the students on the theoretical knowledge learned in classroom practices at the workplace to the fullest. Therefore, Training Program functions to introduce students on the early phase of working environment. The Technical Training is not only mainly aimed to reward the students as Bachelor but also to produce a well-competent trainee who employable in future job market. Industrial Training is conducted during the third year of studies after students have acquired all the basic subjects related to the course taken. Mostly, the training must be completed within 10 weeks. During the 10 weeks of training program, students are strictly ordered to obey the rules and regulations been set up by both the Faculty and the Industry itself. Rules of Faculty cover on the Industrial Training Dress Code, Disciplinary Aspects, Positive Attitude as well as Intrapersonal Skills. As for the Industry, the common rules needed to be followed by the students are the Punctuality according to the formal working hour and other positive attitude such as,...
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