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Leela Madhav Gutta


( A constituent institution of Manipal University)



I acknowledge that my summer training in THERMAX LTD. Pune has been extremely informative and helped me improve my skills in designing. Firstly I would like to thank Thermax for providing me this opportunity. I extend my thanks to Mr. Patil Kulkarni Sir for accepting my letter for summer training in Thermax. I would like to thank my first mentor Mr. Shashikant Bandre, C&H Engineering Department, for going through all the troublesome paper work before the start of the training and for providing the initial knowledge to undertake the project. I am highly indebted to Mr. Mahesh Garde ( C&H Services Department), my second mentor for providing me a challenging project and guide me all the way through it. His constant motivation made the entire project interesting. Not to forget Mr. Vathare, Rahul Sir and all other employees, whose support has been beyond expectations. I apologize to all other unnamed who helped me in various ways to have a good training. Finally, I wish to thank my parents and all other family members for their support and encouragement throughout my training.


Thermax Ltd.  is an Indian energy and environment engineering company based in India. It has a vision of becoming a globally respected high performance company offering sustainable solutions in energy and environment. It manufactures boilers, vapor absorption machines, offers water and waste solutions and installs captive power projects. Thermax provides business to business solutions in the areas of heating, cooling captive power, water treatment, air pollution control, waste management and resource recovery and chemicals to a side range of industry in Indian and international markets. Its systems, products and project management capabilities help industry achieve better resource productivity and improve bottom lines while maintaining a cleaner environment. Thermax also designs, builds and commissions large boilers for steam and power generation, turnkey power plants, industries and municipal wastewater treatment plants, waste heat recovery systems and air pollution control projects. Operating on a wide range of fuels, including biomass and waste from industrial processes. Thermax heating systems help customers achieve higher levels of energy efficiency .Its eco-friendly vapor absorption chillers work on heat from any source and replace power guzzling cooling equipment. Themax also integrates its expertise in diverse areas to create combined heating, power and cooling solutions. An established played in captive power plants; Thermax is today building independent power plants. It is one of the few Indian companies that has a sourced supercritical technology to build boilers for mega power plants. Through its water and waste management solutions, the company supports industries and civic bodies to reduce pollution, recycle resources and to generate revenue from waste. Also on offer are value added services for retrofits and rebuilds, design and implementation of optimal energy use in processes and for managing utilities. Thermax solutions reach clients in 75 countries across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, CIS countries, USA and South America. Thermax’s vision for the future is firmly anchored in the belief that to stay competitive, companies need to adopt sustainable development practices.

Thermax Limited is an INR 5,375 crore company and provides a range of engineering solutions to energy and environment sectors. Thermax has helped many companies all over the globe to carry out cost saving projects. Solutions provided by Thermax...

Bibliography: 1) Piping Material Specification Manual
2) Boiler instruction manual
3) Emulsion Skid Manual
4) All the pictures were rendered using CATIA V5
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