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Garments sector is one of the important export sectors of our country. Today readymade garments sector not only earn maximum foreign currency but also engage a lot of unemployed people in productive industry. For this industry, various bank and insurance business are now in better position, transportation business now expanded in the country, shipping business is increasing inside and outside the country, cargo handling, clearing and forwarding business, buying house, hotel, tourist –all this sectors found possibility of their business by this readymade garments export. There are more than 22 lucks people engaged in this sector. So their purchasing powers increases and a group of consumer also created by this sector. More than 8 lucks people are engaged in different accessories industry to earn their money. As a result our unemployment reduces beside our socio-economic position also developed. It is true that, for bright future of Bangladesh the contribution of this sector cannot be neglected. The year 2005 is expected to be the most crucial year for the ready-made garments (RMG) sector. Consequently some countries will lose & some will gain. Bangladesh is so far predicted as one of the major losers.


The salient objective of preparing this term paper is to gain knowledge about RMG in Bangladesh.

The objectives of this study are as follows:

➢ To know about RMG Business of Bangladesh.
➢ To know about historical background & gradual development of RMG. ➢ To know about overall situation of garments industry in our country ➢ To know the contribution of RMG to our economy
➢ To identify and compare the export performance of RMG before & after quota free. ➢ To identify the problems of RMG and the way of their solution


To conduct the study discussion class was arranged my supervising teacher. In this class the topic was selected and I collected information about this topic with heart and soul. There are two way of collecting data. These are as follows

➢ Primary data collection
➢ Secondary data collection

But I collected supporting secondary data on the following method.

➢ Personal observation through Internet
➢ Through the journal, Newspaper.
➢ Through the administrative prospectus.
➢ Through BGMEA profile.


Though I have collected a lot of information from BGMEA, internet, journal, newspaper, export promotion bureau etc I have some limitation also I think. The problems which I faced in the visiting period and preparing this report, am as follows:

➢ I could not collect enough information to make a meaning report because of time limitation. ➢ Since the personnel of BGMEA were busy with their work, they could not assist me properly. ➢ To maintain the privacy, some personnel do not agree to disclose some information to me. ➢ There was lack of proper explanation of records and documents ➢ I had to finish my survey within few days. This is very short time to make prepare review and batter presentation of the report. ➢ It is more time consuming

But behind this limitation, there is more prosperity if we overcome this limitation.

Part -2


Bangladesh came into existence in 1971 when East Pakistan secedes from its Union with west Pakistan. As an independent nation Bangladesh is in process of transition from pre dominantly agrarian economy to an industrial and service based economy. The private sector is playing an increasingly active from the economic life of the country. She has grown up economically through the growth of its furnishing industries viz. ready made garments sector. At first Bangladesh started to export in 80s. In 1984 Bangladesh earn .1% of its total income through RMG. But at...
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