Industrial Sociology

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1st chapter ( industrial sociology )
Industrial socio is a comparatively new term which gained popularly about the middle of the 20st Century. An independent branch of the Science of Sociology, the history of the industrial sociology has been traced to trade studies introduced by Elton Mayo and his associate between 1924 -32: Thus Elton Mayo; a known sociologist has been identified as the father of Industrial socio. Meaning

The 'term’ industrial sociology includes two terms industry and sociology. ‘The term Industrial means concerning the industry. The word industry is derived from the Latin word 'industrial' which means resourcefulness Definition

According to Miller and form "Industrial sociology is a substantive area of general sociology which might more accurately be termed the sociology of work organization or the sociology of economy". According to I.H.Smith, "Industrial sociology is concerned with industry as a social system, including those factors (technical, economic, politic) which effect the structure, the functions and the changes in that system. Scope of industrial sociology

According to Burls, the subject matter of industrial sociology includes 1. Study of functions
2. Study of functional group
3. Analysis of the beaurocratic industry
4. Analysis of industrial relations
5. The influence of industrialism on the individual

Social relation in industry
1. Internal relation
a) Formal
b) Informal
c) Mixed
2. External relation
Importance of industrial sociology
1. Remedies to problems of industrial society
2. Increase in knowledge
3. Increase in scientific knowledge
4. Stability of industrial society
5. Social labor affaire
6. Helps in personality integration
7. Helps in familial integration
8. Helps in labour legislations
9. Helps in industrial management
10. National peace and management
11. Industrial planning
12. Peace of prosperity
13. Choice of occupation
14. Betterment in international relationshi
Chapter 2
* Types of productive system were never the same over different periods of history. Today, we are in the post-industrialism stage. * Modern industrialism represents a phase in the development of human knowledge concerning industry. * This is called complex because the tools or instruments used are more sophisticated. This may be further divided into early industry and modem industry. * Modem industry originated during the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the 18th century. Early Industrialism

* The productive system found in most of the early civilizations and in many pre-literate societies can be called early industrialism. * Some of the features of early industrialism are :

1. The Use of Tools and Machines:
2. Excess Production:
3. The Division of Labour:
4. Means of Transport and Development of Market:
5. Development of Arts and Crafts:
6. The Art of Writing:
7. Use of Money:
8. Acquisition of Raw Materials:
9. Refinement of Goods:

The socio-economic organization of the western society prior to the Industrial Revolution could be divided into three different systems. They are i) The manorial system,
ii) The guild system and
iii) The domestic system.
The Manorial System
* The manorial or feudal system prevailed in Europe, especially in England from about the ninth to twelfth century. * Agriculture was the primary industry under this system. * Manors each consisted of up to three classes of land:

1. Demesne,
2. Dependent
3. Free peasant land,
The Guild System
* The system had its golden age in the 13th and 14th centuries when it was strongly entrenched in all branches of industry. * The origin of guild system is not definitely known. Some literature indicates it was practiced in Germany as early as...
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