Industrial Society And Its Future Analysis

Pages: 7 (1501 words) Published: October 28, 2017

Ted Kaczynski, who was also known around as the “Unabomber” due to certain bombings related to him in the context of the following paper, wrote a 35,000-word manifesto called Industrial Society and its Future in which he describes how the rise of technological advancements will lead to the downfall of human freedom. The following paper will respond to Kaczynski with objections to his claims supported by a concrete flow of philosophical logic based on premises built on top of evidence.

Overview of “Industrial Society and its Future”
The background of Kaczynski will be quite relevant to the matters at stake. Ted was a mathematician, and a prodigy at that, who taught at the University of California at Berkeley throughout his career until he decided to live out the rest of his days in the lifestyle of a survivalist given his claims on technological advancement. Throughout his writings, Kaczynski found that there is enough reason in the advancement of the technological society to call for...

One last obvious flaw remains in the third point, where he attempts to establish that humans and technology co-existing leads to the destruction of nature. The odd statement about this premise is that Kaczynski assumes that humans and their technology are not one with nature. Take the example of bees for instance. The hives they create in order to make honey and breed more bees is clearly the bee’s version of technological progression. The same applies for humans. Humans have a simple purpose, which is to improvise and adapt in order to survive. Their technological advancements are a part of nature, seeing as we are an animal species, and it is expected of us to shape our environment around us to suit certain goals, just like bees. In this perspective, it is quite obvious that the third premise leads to a bold contradiction, which flaws yet another premise of Kaczynski’s...
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