Industrial Revolution Strikes Good and Bad

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Factory Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: November 1, 2008
The industrial era has invaded Britain. Many families have been separated and rarely see each other anymore. Factories are becoming dangerous environments now. But, despite all this Britain has become the world’s greatest manufacturer and most rapidly growing in population and technology. The overall effects of the revolution on individuals and society are a mix of positive and negative.

Cotton is now Britain’s greatest industry. Merchants all over the world are purchasing Britain cotton. Also, Britain has become the world’s greatest iron and coal manufacturer because of inventions like the steam engine. Another positive view on the revolution is the development of railroads that is improving communication between areas of the country. Buildings and architecture is improving in Britain as well. The upper class is now starting to build homes west of factories because of the smog from factory smokestacks, and by doing this; it would blow away from them. Attracting six million visitors on London, the purpose of the recently built Crystal Palace was to celebrate the age of industrialization.

The negative side of this revolution lies in the living of women, child labor, and changing class structure. Women used to work with men on farms and were responsible for raising children and running households before the industrial revolution. Now women work in factories and spend little time with their children and husband. They are wearing wooden rods on their backs making them more at risk to lung disease. After all their hard work through the week, they only earn five shillings. Even so, most of their earnings are given to the father or husband by law. Child labor has become common now. Children as young as six years old are starting to work for very little or even no pay. It is very common for children that work in factories to work 12-14 hours. With this, there are also horrible conditions. Lots of injuries or deaths are happening due to heavy, dangerous...
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