Industrial Revolution

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Child Labor, Cotton mill Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: April 1, 2006
Industrial Revolution: Revolutionizing

The Industrial Revolution, is this a good or bad idea for England? Many owners of these factories love what is going on with the improvement of the manufacturing of consumer goods. This has made the demand for these products go way up which means more money for these products and the factories that produce them. The Industrial era began in the 1750's when power-driven machinery in factories replaced work done in homes and altered the way people lived and worked for hundreds of years. Overall, I have found the creation of these industries has benefited society greatly. The Industrial Revolution like anything else has its good and its bad qualities. Industrial growth has spurred capitalism, the economic system that individuals and private firms own. This includes land, machinery, and the workplace. In capitalism, individuals decide how they can make a profit and determine business practices accordingly. Although the wages of the workers are low, it is still enough to get them by day to day. The invention of the power loom has answered the problem of the shortage of weavers, and the invention of the cotton gin has helped the booming British textile industry overcome its last major hurdle on our journey toward full mechanization. Some of the negative effects of the Industrial Revolution are poor working conditions and long hours. Women are working to support their families but now have little time to spend with them. They also are paid much less for the same amount of work. Children are also working and having to crawl and pull coal carts for 10-20 miles a day. Many people can not read or write due to working at early ages and not attending school. As the population increased, some families are being forced to live in urban areas in small houses in cramped conditions. Some suggestions for improvement include improving working conditions and wages. An inspector should visit factories and mines to ensure...
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