Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution negatively affected the lives of poor British children.

1.The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain during the 18th century, in which new technology was being discovered at an alarming rate. 2.The Industrial Revolution had brought numbers of young children into mines and factories where they worked long hours in dangerous and filthy conditions. 3.The Industrial Revolution perpetuated the class system in Great Britain by forcing the lower classes to work for minimum wages while supporting the upper classes that benefited from the Industrial Revolution.

Between 1760 and 1860, industrial development and education transformed England into the workshop of the world. The Industrial Revolution, as the transformation came to be identified as, caused a continuous rise in income per person in England and, as its effects spread, the rest of the Western world. It is apparent that the Industrial Revolution negatively affected the lives of poor British children. However, it was utterly beneficial to the development of the modern world; sacrifices were made and therefore allowed industrialised progressions during the Industrial Revolution, which in turn, created a definite improvement of life.

It would seem that, by definition, the Industrial Revolution led to a rise in the standard of living, because a rise in real income was exactly what made England's transformation “revolutionary”. According to the estimates of economist N. F. R. Crafts, British income per person (in 1970 U.S. dollars) increased from $333 in 1700 to $399 in 1760, to $427 in 1800, to $498 in 1830, and then jumped to $804 in 1860 (David R. Henderson, 2002). Many new discoveries, inventions and technology were a direct result of the Industrial Revolution. The most frequent description for the cause of the Industrial Revolution was that certain machineries (the steam engine and textile technologies in particular) created a basic change in the way work was done. The...
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