Industrial Relations in Andhra Pradesh

Topics: Employment, Trade union, Labour relations Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: January 15, 2013
The world today is totally depends on industrial relations. So the researcher thought that it would be worthwhile to do a study on relationship between employees and management in the day-to-day working industry. The reason for pursuing this project is to gain more knowledge about relationships which forms an integral part of sound industries. Observing so many applications creeping up in the past decade, which involves industrial relations many companies have turned up to these sound industries to cash on this boom. So, it is important to study the industrial relations.

As organizations today are on the verge of becoming fully relationships this trend is going to continue in the near future also. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY
1.To find the nature of relationships in and between different organizational levels. 2.To assess the relationship between Employees, Unions and Employers. 3.To offer suggestions for improvement of industrial relations 4.To offer suggestions by assessing the industrial democracy. 5.To promote and develop congenial relations between employees and employers.

The concept of Industrial Relations means the relationship between employees and management in the day-to-day working industry. But the concept has a wide meaning. When taken in the wider sense, Industrial Relations are a “set of functional interdependence involving historical, economic, social, psychological, demographic, technological, occupational, political and legal variables”.

According to Dale Yoder, Industrial Relations are a “whole field of relationship that exists because of the necessary collaboration of men and women in the employment process of an industry. The concept of industrial relations has been extended to denote the relations of the state with employers, workers, and their organizations. The subject therefore includes individual relations and joint consultations between employers and work people at their work place...
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