Industrial Pollution in Richmond

Topics: Air pollution, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Pollution Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Industrial Pollutions in the City of Richmond
Megdelawit Yoseph|
Rosaline Kalokoh
California State University, East Bay
Health Science 2200
Summer 2012

Industrial Pollution in the City of Richmond
Industrialized pollution is a concern that most people can relate to. We, as a group, agree that pollution is one of the main factors contributing to environmental health issues. The city of Richmond has many oil refineries that pose health risks to the community as a whole. Air, water and soil pollutions are some of the contributors to health related issues in the community. Industrial pollution in the city Richmond has affected health and quality standards of living in its community and its surrounding area. According to the Community- based participatory researcher for environmental justice (CBPR), the pollutions and health problems are commonly found amongst low-income community of color (Cohen, Lopez, Malloy, & Morello, 2011). As a group, we believe that the problems of pollutions in low-income and colored communities are compounded by lack of community involvement and lack of knowledge about the health risks associated with the pollutions present in the community. In addition, the low socioeconomic status (SES) has given the residents of these areas less of a choice to make their community pollution free. However, if there is proper knowledge and involvement of the people in the community, necessary steps will be taken to minimize adverse health problems such as asthma, infertility, low birth weight and many different cancers caused by pollutions. Individual stressors like poverty, restricted access to good healthcare, education and polluted work environment all play a role in the challenge of the health environment in the Richmond area. People in these communities have had lifelong exposure to dust, emission, chemically polluted lots, and indoor and outdoor toxin. Because of community stressors like increased industrial...

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