Industrial pollution

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Chapter 1:
I.1 Introduction:
Bangladesh is an upcoming middle earning country. It has a large number of population. The working environment is good and the labor cost is less so there is an opportunity to establish industry in this country. There are many sector of industry in Bangladesh. The people of our country are very hard working. By the late 1990s, about 1.5 million people, mostly women, were employed in the garments sector as During 2001-2002, export earnings from ready-made garments reached $3,125 million, representing 52 well as Leather products specially Footwear (Shoe manufacturing unit). % of Bangladesh's total exports. Bangladesh has overtaken India in apparel exports in 2009, its exports stood at 2.66 billion US dollar, ahead of India's 2.27 billion US dollar. Other industries which have shown very strong growth include the chemical industry, steel industry, mining industry and the paper and pulp industry.

Now a day’s Bangladesh is want to achieve middle class country position. So the country is going to be an industrial country. And the industry who is responsible for the pollution. Most of the industries are not follow the rules of the law.

I.2 Origin of the report:
To know the current situation of the industrial pollution. To know what are the reason behind this. Why the industry through their waste in to the open field? To understand the problem of the pollution.

I.3 Objective of the report:
To know the current situation of pollution problem.
To understand the thinking of the people.
To solve the problem.
To work with the problem.

1.4 Methodology:
Primary data: field survey, Questionnaire.
Secondary data: Web site, News paper.

1.5 Scope of this report:
In this report we want to show the over view of the total pollution of the industry in Bangladesh. There are many industries in Bangladesh. But we will cover some of the industries in Bangladesh such as: Textile industry, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Builders industry, Tannery industry,Food industry, Steel industry, Shipping industry, Electronics industry, Fabrics Industry, Plastic Industry, Paper & jut Industry, Refinnering ( Oil, Gas) Industry, Beverages Industry, Recycling Industry, Others.

1.6 Limitation of the report:
Limitation means something that limits a quality or achievement of any analysis. All research designs can be discussed in terms of their relative strengths and limitations. The merits of a particular design are inherently related to the rationale for selecting it as the most appropriate plan for addressing the research problem. One strength of an Selecting and starting to prepare this report it is not an easy process to complete this. To complete this report we face many problems. Those are as follows

i. Information Collection

1) Limited source of information
2) Limited information about the industry pollution in web sites on Bangladesh perspective. 3) Peoples are not aware about the problems by industrial pollution. 4) Business persons try to skip the questions answers.

ii. Overall limitation of this report

1) Limited time to prepare this report.
2) Limited information source.
3) Limited ways to analysis the quality control with founded information. 4) Limited direction from course instructor to prepare this report.

Chapter 2

2.1 Bangladeshi Industries:
A short list of Bangladeshi Industry:
Name of industry
Name of industry
Name of industry
Textile Industry Tannery Industry
Paper & Jute Industry
Chemical Industry
Food Industry
Refinnering Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Steel Industry
Beverage Industry
Cigarette Industry
Shipping Industry
Recycling Industry
Builders Industry
Electronics Industry
Fertilizer Industry
Febrics Industry
Plastic Industry
Other Industry

2.2 Pollution in...
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