Industrial Manchester Essay

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Sociology, Alexis de Tocqueville Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: March 20, 2011
With the creation of the large mechanized cotton mill, Manchester became a leading textile manufacturing center. With the growth of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester’s population and city size exploded. But with the growth of cities like Manchester, problems that had once not been an issue were starting to creep into everyday life. As Manchester grew to over 300,00 people, not only did it bring about wealth, but also led to problems with sanitation, home and family life, and a negligence of the working class.

The first problem brought about by the growth of Manchester was that sanitation had taken a backseat to the cities priorities. Shown on the maps of Manchester in Document 1, within 100 years, much of the city was packed into a once small town in such a short period of time. The workers moving into Manchester faced several problems. One was that the housing they lived in was terrible. They lived in deplorable conditions or small and confined spaces. After Robert Southey, a romantic poet, visited Manchester, he wrote that the city was tightly packed, and the streets crowded with people. He states that the houses are blackened by the smoke coming out the factories, portraying Manchester as a dirty and polluted city. In document 9, the preface to a business directory for Manchester states that Manchester displays the most attractive features in the world because of its status as “the Workshop of the World”. This document was most likely written as a pamphlet to attract workers to come and work for Wheelan and Co. in Manchester, and therefore had a biased view. The engraving of Manchester depicting the Blackfriar’s bridge in document 11 shows how polluted the city was. Houses and factories are within close proximity of each other, and it even depicts a building dumping waste into the river. One can also see that smog and pollution is pouring out from the factories, making Manchester an unsanitary place to live. Also brought on by the growth of...
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