Industrial Management

Topics: College, Graduate school, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (948 words) Published: October 23, 2014
Name: Anne.Praveen.
Applying For: MS program, spring 2015
Department: Masters in Information Systems.
In the changing field of Engineering and Technology where each new day sees a spate of new concepts and applications and each passing day makes them obsolete, I wish to have the highest level of education and transcend new horizons. The vast application potential when combined with Computers always fascinates me and I am keen to continue my academic pursuit in this direction. A passion to achieve expertise in "Information Systems" and to be a part of the powerful technological workforce of my country, are the objectives to my Graduate Study. It would help sharpen my skills, earn proficiency and seek professional exposure. A graduate course would pave way to earning hands-on experience and acquire specialization in the desired field of study.

The field of "Information Systems" has been my ideal choice as it forms the core of many technological innovations. My scholastic record has been meritorious, right from my childhood. After completing my schooling with 67% standing first in Mathematics and Science, I opted for Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry as my major subjects at the Pre-University level scoring a percentage of 60%. I secured a percentile of 65% in Engineering entrance test to UG schools out of two lakh students and I could get into the top ranked college of the state and one of the most reputed colleges in the country, Nimra college of engineering (JNTUK), a pioneer institute in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING in our state.

In my undergraduate studies, I have benefited from the breadth of Nimra college of engineering (JNTUK), a pioneer institute in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING in our state syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Mechanical Engineering and a strong conceptual understanding, During the course of study I was exposed to MSDOS, WINDOWS-9x, WINDOWS-XP, UNIX. I am well versed in programming...
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