Industrial Engineering for Business Improvement

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Hong Kong IGDS 2010

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Industrial Engineering for Business Improvement

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Company Background

hexTronik Ltd, a Hong Kong hobbies company that selling radio control helicopters, planes, ships and cars though internet. Since established in 2006, the company had already got over $10,000,000 turnover a year. Without any retail shop, it sells all hobbies only though internet. And up to now, it has warehouses in Austrasia, German, Spanish, Mainland China, India and Hong Kong.

Although it has a large turnover, it has less than 20 staff in headquarter. And there are 3 main operation teams in this company which included: Purchasing team, Production team and Customer service team.

Near 90% of products selling in this company is brought from others. So obviously, the purchasing team is the backbone of this company, including: purchasing (outsourcing), stock, and shipping. The production team is to produce the other 10% product in company, as well as redesigning the outlook of outsourcing products, catalogues and web pages. Customer service is main focus on internet sells and handling any other opinions from the forum. As all products are not produce from our company, there is not much after-sells could be provided, but somehow, internet buyers always know that there would be some risk about products, so there is seldom complain received from customers.

There are 2 product lines of hexTronik in the mainland factory. First one is assembly of parts. This included 10 female workers doing some wielding, assembling and packing jobs, which require low technique. Another product line is motor. hexTronik has its own product of about 20 kinds of motor, which design to suit for different helicopters, ships and cars. This product line has only 6 people including 1 motor specialist and 5 workers.

Question 1(2215 words)

a) For a particular department, cell or office in your company, identify the factors that have dictated the layout presently employed.

For the factory in Mainland China of hexTronik, there are 2 major operations inside, production and store holding. Presently there is not any layout design, all facilities, machines, and store is placing in the rule of first come first in. As you can find the figure below indicated the existing layout:

In the above figure, there are some categories that needed to pay attention to: 1. Store of RC model (Radio control plane, helicopter, etc), 2. Store of material parts, 3. Facilities, 4. Machineries. For the stores of RC model, as they are exchanged very often, they should be very flexible to be move. And these stores have to take near 65% space of the factory, it should be well planed to make it comfortable for other functions. For the stores of material, they needed to be quite easy to access as these contains all materials that need to be assemble, or any other common materials such as screw, wire etc. And there should be a toilet, one office for our Factory Director and project engineer, one office for the motor specialist and 5 workers, and a working area for 10 female workers. For machineries, there is a winding machine for motor stator, a machine for motor balance, a assemble machine to combine motor flux ring and magnet, a laser machine to make some laser mark on motor surface, a wielding machine and a performance testing machine for motor. b) By analyzing the major material flows and/or activity relationships, critically comment on the existing layout.

As we can see from the above information, the major material flow is the RC model and assemble materials. About 20% RC model would be exchanged daily and...
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