Industrial Engineering

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The purpose of this report to educate the reader on Industrial Engineering. To learn about what their job makes they do, but more than that. This report also serves to show what degree's and courses need to be taken to become an Industrial Engineer. It also gives real world data, such as salaries of Industrial engineers and and job prospects. Along with an interview from a actual Industrial engineer, who can give person insight on the field from years of experience.

Industrial engineering is not like other types engineering. At least not in the conventional sense that they build things for a consumer. Industrial Engineers are engineer's that are used to make a complex processes or system as simple as possible. They generally deal with developing, improving, and implementating various systems. Some of the things they work witht are people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, and materials.

Despite what most people think however, Industrial engineers still need extensive knowledge of engineering to be able to manage their systems. The IE(Industrial Engineers) require that knowledge, because for them to truly be able to to maximize a system for the their purpose, the IE has to be able to understand the various components he is working with. They have to know how they opperate and how they can work with other components. More importantly is that most Industrial engineers work at engineering companies that require the IE to be able to take optimize profit. Without knowledge they won't be to help the company out as much as possible.

That is why Industrial Engineers still have to study a lot of the courses that other engineers do. IE require extensive education in mathetics just like other engineers, not only to understanding engineering better, but also for their job, since they will be in charge of a lot of money. IE study a very broad range of topics however, because of all the demands of their jobs. That makes it so their work load is not as itense as say, a mechanical engineer who would be doing much more math and science intensive classes.

Industrial Engineers are extremely important to businesses, that is why pratically any engineering company has to have one. They are extremely crucial in cutting costs in production by optimizing the systems of the company. IE can help save a lot of money, that can be spent of producing more products for consumers. That important makes Industrial engineers very valueable and significant to the business. However, because of the Industrial engineers broad field of study, they are extremely versatitle which allows them to work in a very broad range of fields.

Since Industrial Engineers are so versatitle they have many job opportunities. They can work under a variety of job titles. Industrial Engineers can work in pratically every single industry under some kind...

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[pic] Breakdown of where Industrial Engineers work
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