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1Introduction of supply chain:8
2Supply chain decisions:8
2.1The house of supply chain management10
3Different main subject literatures that have contributed work in supply chain management11
4The techniques-tools matrix regarding the inherent nature of supply chain strategies and the possibility to define them from an operative viewpoint14
5Literature on decision models in SCM15
7The book18
7.1Physical flows20
7.2The transportation system21
7.2.1Transport modes and their characteristics21
7.3Physical Nature of the Product21
7.4Channels of Distribution22
7.4.1Distribution Channels and Their Types22
7.4.2Physical Distribution Channel22
7.4.3Warehousing and Storage22
7.4.4Warehousing Functions22
7.4.5Packaging and Unit Loads22
7.4.6Storage and Handling Systems22
8Logistics Strategic Decisions22
8.1Strategic Planning22
8.2Logistics Differences to Supply Chain22
8.3Logistics Decisions23
8.3.1Operational Decisions23
8.3.2Tactical Decisions23
8.3.3Strategic Decisions23
8.4Logistics Planning23
8.5Logistics Strategic Decisions23
8.5.1Customer Service24
8.5.2Logistics Network Design24
8.5.3Outsourcing versus Vertical Integration24
8.6Tools of Strategic Decision Making24
8.7Logistics Strategic Flexibility24
9Logistics Philosophies25
9.1Lean Logistics25
9.2Agile Logistics25
9.2.1Vendor-Managed Inventory25
10Logistics Parties25
11Logistics Future Trends26
11.1Main Influencing Issues26
11.1.2Information Technology26
11.1.3New Technologies26
12.1Distribution Channels27
12.2Transportation Participants27
12.2.1Long-Haul Consolidated Freight Transportation27
12.3Classification of Transportation Problems27
13The Vehicle-Routing Problem27
14Packaging and Material Handling28
14.1Material Handling28
15Storage, warehousing, and inventory management28
15.1Warehouse Location28
15.2Warehouse Design29
15.3Warehouse Tasks and Activities29
15.4Inventory Management29
16Customer Service29
16.1Order-Cycle Time29
17Logistics System: Information and Communication Technology29
17.1Logistic Information System29
17.1.1Information Flow29
18Reverse logistics30
19Retail logistics31
20Humanitarian logistics planning in disaster relief operations31
21Freight transportation externalities32
22Robust Optimization of Uncertain logistics Networks32
23Integration in Logistics Planning and Optimization33

Figures contents
Figure 1- material flow in supply chain decisions9
Figure 2-material and information flow in supply chain decisions10
Figure 3 - the house of supply chain management11
Figure 4 - Logistics flows and some of the different logistics terminologies20
Figure 5- Types of logistics parties.26
Figure 6- the movement of goods28
Figure 7- Pyramid of LIS functionality levels30
Figure 8-Logistics information requirements30
Figure 10- The four main phases of a disaster management system32
Figure 11- truck transportation negative impacts32

Tables contents
Table 2-The techniques-tools matrix14
Table 3 - Decision models reviewed in SCM articles since 196015

Integrative decision-making is a key to effective supply chain management (SCM). There are many philosophies for classification of decisions in supply chain management. In this report we take into consideration a comprehensive classification based on different philosophies in the existing...

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2. Zangirani F, M., Notebook of the supply chain management course, 2007.
3. Biswas, S. and Y. Narahari, Object oriented modeling and decision support for supply chains. European Journal of Operational Research, 2004. 153(3): p. 704-726.
4. Stadtler, H., Supply chain management and advanced planning--basics, overview and challenges. European Journal of Operational Research, 2005. 163(3): p. 575-588.
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6. .R, F.Z., Logistics Operations and Management : concepts and models. Elsevier, 2011.
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