Industrial Attachment Report

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Eni E & P Division commenced activities in Nigeria in 1962 through a wholly owed subsidiary NAOC Limited. Activities of Eni in Nigeria have grown over the years resulting in the establishment of other companies. These include the Agip energy and Natural Resources [Nigeria] Limited operating in the shallow water offshore and the Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited, which concentrates on the deep water frontier region.

NAOC Limited operates in the land swamp areas of the Niger Delta, under a joint venture arrangement with NNPC, NAOC, and ConocoPhillips, with concessions lying within Bayelsa, Delta, Imo and Rivers states covering a total area of 5,313 sq. km comprising of four blocks.

Eni activities in Nigeria have demonstrated a strong commitment to active involvement of the host communities in her operations as a panacea to assured sustainable development in the region. In over 40 years of its operation in Nigeria, NAOC has been actively involved in the promotion of socio- economic development and fruitful relationship with its host communities in the Niger Delta. With its stong commitment to Coperate Social Responsibility backed by more than three decades of experience in the field of oil and gas, NAOC always intended to exploit another vital source of energy: AGRICULTURE.


G.R.P – an integrated modular rural development program designed to improve the living standards of the agrarian population of the Niger Delta was launched in 1986 by NAOC in response to call of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to all oil companies to develop the primary sectors in their concession area. It became one of the highest contributions made by NAOC Limited towards Sustainable Community Development in Nigeria.

Through the effective G.R.P unified agricultural extension service delivery system, these objectives were met and today NAE has assisted farmers in the procurement of improved farm inputs, constructed fish hatchery complexes, agro- processing machines, improved seeds/ seedlings for farmers, formed cooperative societies and organised capacity building programmes for farmer.




The goal of soil laboratory in NAOC operational area is to manage the soil in such a way that soil is not alimiting factor in agriculture i.e. to maintain the fertility of the soil.

Parameters used in soil samples are:

- pH [20grams]

- electrical conductivity[20grams]

- exchangeable acidity[10grams]

- available phosphorus[5grams]

- organic carbon[black=0.25, yellow=0.5, sandy yellow=1.0grams]

- cations[sodium, potassium, magnesium,calcium 5grams each]

- texture[25grams]

3.1 How to register soil samples

• Soil sample is received from different locations/ farmers

• Soil sample is registered with the names of the farmers, the date the soil sample came and the locations where the soil sample is coming from.

• The soil sample is transferred into electrical oven and it is dried for 2- 3 days.

• Use 2mm siever to process the soil samples, then it is ready for weighing.

Equipments in the soil laboratory

electrical oven, electronic weighing balance, spectronic 20D+ metre, pH metre, electrical conductivity metre, centrifuge machine, soil auger, mechanical shaker, 2mm sieve, spatula, stir rod, distillation unit machine, vapormatic machine, mortar and pestle, universal dispenser, fridge, computer, measuring cylinders, graduated pipette and burette, volumetric flask, beaker, test tube, fume chamber e.t.c.

3.1.1 How to analyse for pH

- Arrange 20ml of plastic container serially

- Weigh 20grms of soil sample into the container by using electronic weigh balance

- Measure...
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